Privacy Policy

The Young Creative Awards are organised by the Young Creatives Nottingham (YCN) which is a Community Interest Company (CIC).
YCN will periodically appoint agencies or individuals to work as agents on their behalf in order to deliver the Young Creative Awards. The YCN retains control of the data and the administration and process required for the awards to function.

The YCN recognises that personal information is important and that it is responsible for the information it holds about individuals and groups who enter the competition. As such, it takes its responsibilities seriously, to ensure that any personal information it collects and uses is done so , correctly, safely and proportionate to the needs of the competition and entrants. For information about what is personal data please see the Information Commissioner’s at:

YCN only collects, holds and uses personal data to allow it to administer the Young Creative Awards and no data will be sold or given to a third party which would allow that third party to use this data for its own marketing or for any other purpose without the permission of YCN.

Partner agencies who are involved in the YCA may process data on behalf of the YCN on a periodic basis, for the purpose of promotion of the YCA and YCN activity.

Monitoring and Equalities Information
The Young Creatives Nottingham may from time to time use information about your age, ethnic background, gender, age and education institution for the purposes of compiling statistical data to support effective planning for future YCA activities.

Such statistical data or statistical analysis will not allow the identification of any specific individual, unless permission has been provided to enable the YCN to do so.

In deciding what personal data to collect, hold and use, the YCN is committed to ensuring that it will:

• Recognise that any personal data handled by YCN is held on behalf of that person and that we ensure we respect that responsibility
• Only collect, hold and use personal data where it is necessary and proportionate to do so
• Keep your personal data secure and safe
• Be open with individuals about how we use their information
• Securely delete any personal data when no longer needed
• Review the retention of data on a periodic basis and no longer than every 3 years