The Building of Mothopong Creche

4th November 2018

Ryan Lee Boultbee was a winner in the Architecture & Design category (sponsored by Maber) in 2017.

Earlier this year Ryan was part of an amazing project run by University of Nottingham Architecture and Built Environment. Ryan, a PhD student and Tutor at the University of Nottingham, worked with a group of students who formed UoN Project Ithuta 2018 – fundraising for and building a creche in rural South Africa. Ryan’s awesome video documents that brilliant project.

Ryan explains: “I convinced each student to record the parts of the construction process they were involved in on a said day. The intent was to create a video which portrayed the hands-on experience of the project from different perspectives, the chronological process, and the intensity of a construction project that was completed in just one month.”

This incredible project is run annually.

This year’s project, Project Lesedi, continues the previous great work and is currently fundraising the £40,000 required to build a pre-school in one of the poorest regions of South Africa. If you are able to help, you can do so here: