2011 – Inspired by Music

The Young Creative Awards brief for 2011 was to submit a piece of work inspired by music. What does music mean to you? Do you live and breathe it, or can you take or leave it? Do you like the same music as your friends? Do you like the same music as your parents? Is it an expression of your personality? Does it influence the way you move? Does it dictate the way you look? What happens when the music stops and there is silence?

YCA 2011 overall winner

Katsina Whitchurch

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Creative Writing winners

Bridget McNulty - 16-18 Age Group

Film winners

Heather Jordan - 16-18 Age Group

Emieko Roberts - 19-24 Age Group

Graphic Design winners

Katsina Whitchurch - 16-18 Age Group

Heather Jane Culley - 19-24 Age Group

Music winners

Alex Wright - 16-18 Age Group

Delroy Peterkin - 19-24 Age Group

Photography winners

Gareth Sands - 16-18 Age Group

Hayley Roos - 19-24 Age Group

Visual Arts winners

Hannah Clarke - 16-18 Age Group

Ruth Hammond - 19-24 Age Group