2015 – Made in Nottingham

With a record number of entries, the theme for the 2015 Young Creative Awards was “Made in Nottingham”, reflecting some of the diverse and fantastic creative talents, who hail from the city.


Nottingham is rich in talent and is renowned for its innovation and for being at the forefront of technology and science. Many things have been Made in Nottingham – just think of Raleigh, Lace, Boots, the invention of Ibuprofen. Writers and artists, past and present, have been born in and come from Nottingham. Exciting new musicians are emerging from the city, such as Jake Bugg, Indiana and Philp George. Great literary figures such as Alan Silitoe and Lawrence hailed from here and depicted life in the city both darkness and light. In film, Shane Meadows has been flying the flag for Nottingham.

The Awards ceremony for the 2015 Young Creative Awards took place at the Nottingham Playhouse. Hundreds of people came to find out the winners at an exciting, entertaining and inspirational night. They saw music star Indiana announce the Young Creative of the Year 2015 as Jamal Sterret. Jamal, as well as winning the overall prize, was also a winner in the Dance and Graphic Design categories, taking a total of three awards.

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YCA 2015 overall winner

Jamal Sterrett

Winning was an amazing feeling. When the crowd applauded I felt proud of myself.

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Animation and Digital Media winners

Maddie Pendergast - 16-18 Age Group

Jordan Williams, Connor Molde, Jordan Gook - 19-24 Age Group

Design and Architecture winners

Eloise Wright - 16-18 Age Group

Holly Burrough - 19-24 Age Group

Creative Writing winners

Anushka Shah - 13-15 Age Group

Maya Hough - 16-18 Age Group

Olufunmi Odeyemi - 19-24 Age Group

Dance winners

Jasmine Gladding - 13-15 Age Group

Jamal Sterrett - 16-18 Age Group

Beth Gardiner - 19-24 Age Group

Fashion and Textiles winners

Calista Corbin - 13-15 Age Group

Sarah Henshaw - 16-18 Age Group

Nicholas Hanson - 19-24 Age Group

Film winners

Aaron Whitfield - 16-18 Age Group

Nadia Scola - 19-24 Age Group

Graphic Design winners

Jamal Sterrett - 16-18 Age Group

Phoebe Wells - 19-24 Age Group

Music winners

Unjustified - 13-15 Age Group

Brodan Mosley - 16-18 Age Group

Crosa Rosa - 19-24 Age Group

Photography winners

Timitayo Ajetunmobi - 13-15 Age Group

Aria Shahrokhshahi - 16-18 Age Group

Kim Watson - 19-24 Age Group

Visual Arts winners

Eleanor Holdich - 13-15 Age Group

Megan Riley - 16-18 Age Group

Nikki Charlesworth - 19-24 Age Group