2016 – Goals and Dreams

In 2017 the theme of the Young Creative Awards was “Goals and Dreams”. Entrants were asked to let their imaginations flow and their ambitions fly, and to enter pieces of work that reflected their aspirations for themselves and for Nottingham (newly crowned “City of Football” and “Home of Sport”).

“Reach high, for stars are hidden in you. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.”

YCA 2016 overall winner

Rebecca Constable

I cannot describe the suspension in the air as we waited for the winner to be announced, over 350 amazing people summited unbelievable good work all deserving to win.

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Animation and Digital Media winners

Zakk Jones - 16-18 Age Group

Adikah Patterson - 19-24 Age Group

Design and Architecture winners

Courtney Clarke - 16-18 Age Group

Josh Bull - 19-24 Age Group

Creative Writing winners

Anushka Shah - 13-15 Age Group

Elizabeth O’Riordan - 16-18 Age Group

Rebecca Constable - 19-24 Age Group

Dance winners

Rebecca Moore - 13-15 Age Group

Tsz Tsing Tammy Tsang - 16-18 Age Group

Hal Mayer - 19-24 Age Group

Fashion and Textiles winners

Hannah Ward - 13-15 Age Group

Alice Lea Crowe - 16-18 Age Group

Ben Chandler - 19-24 Age Group

Film winners

Kai-Yan Lai - 13-15 Age Group

Renate Saifutdinova - 16-18 Age Group

Emily Deck - 19-24 Age Group

Graphic Design winners

Georgia Carson - 16-18 Age Group

Rianne Gregory - 19-24 Age Group

Music winners

Malfunction - 13-15 Age Group

Super Furniture - 16-18 Age Group

Peter Beardsworth - 19-24 Age Group

Photography winners

Sophie Townhill - 16-18 Age Group

Kim Watson - 19-24 Age Group

Visual Arts winners

Amrez Amjad - 13-15 Age Group

Romanie-Jade Tulloch - 16-18 Age Group

Manel Pascual Bafaluy - 19-24 Age Group