2017 – Nottingham Future City

In 2017 the theme of the Young Creative Awards was “Nottingham, Future City” and entrants were asked what changes they want to see for their city in the future. Who will live here and how might Nottingham people be living, shopping, working, or being entertained? Will we be a city of culture, science, sport or run by artificial intelligence?

“Be the change you want to see in the world…”

YCA 2017 overall winner

Isobelle Farrar

"I was very shocked and surprised that I won! Winning this award gave me a new found confidence in my work and made me realise that a creative career IS possible! I am so glad I entered and definitely encourage any young aspiring creative to enter!"

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Animation and Digital Media winners

Yusuf Raja - 13-15 Age Group

Kirk Lee Fletcher - 16-18 Age Group

Design and Architecture winners

Josef Stoeger - 16-18 Age Group

Ryan Lee Boultbee - 19-24 Age Group

Creative Writing winners

Anushka Shah - 16-18 Age Group

Hannah Hall - 19-24 Age Group

Dance winners

Isobel Benson - 13-15 Age Group

Alexandra Graham - 16-18 Age Group

Alice Shepperson - 19-24 Age Group

Fashion and Textiles winners

Greta McKean - 16-18 Age Group

Film winners

Conrad Simpson - 13-15 Age Group

Minerva Campbell - 16-18 Age Group

Joshua Hollyoak - 19-24 Age Group

Graphic Design winners

Isobelle Farrar - 16-18 Age Group

Nicole Wright - 19-24 Age Group

Music winners

Matthew Baggaley - 13-15 Age Group

Kelsey Shaw - 16-18 Age Group

Davon Walker - 19-24 Age Group

Photography winners

Ciaran Foster - 13-15 Age Group

Jessica Pearson - 16-18 Age Group

Curt Evison - 19-24 Age Group

Visual Arts winners

Lucy Moult - 16-18 Age Group

Mark Westlake - 19-24 Age Group