YCA Winners work exhibited at Nottingham Train Station

1st June 2017

A selection of some of the work of some of the category winners of the Young Creative Awards 2017 is now exhibited in a large glass case in the forecourt of Nottingham Train Station. Featuring in the exhibition are Lucy Moult’s painting, ‘a wonderfully powerful statement of a proud, defiant young woman of the future’ and Jessica Wilden’s beautiful knitted pieces overlaid with silver silk screen images of the Nottingham Lions.

There is a fantastic multi-layered photograph from Jessica Pearson literally reflecting Nottingham residents using the various modes of transport available in the city.

Rakayla Virgil’s funky boots wittily suggesting the past (one of our founding fathers, Jesse – gedit?) and depicting our city in the future sits alongside Sara Sawoni’s modern, bold shirt ‘a great, conceptual interpretation of how fashionistas will look in a positive future Nottingham’.

Finally, Greta McKean’s body adornment made from recycled found materials uses bright colours and repeated shapes with a variety of stitching styles to reflect Nottingham’s diverse, growing community. Take a look up at the station now !!

Nottingham Train Station exhibition

YCA winner’s work looking fantastic