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In 2022 the YCA Theatre category (run by Nottingham Lakeside Arts) is focusing again on Monologues. Your entry can be either original work or a pre-existing text which you capture on video. It should be a maximum duration of 3 minutes; please note that longer submissions will not be considered.

The judging panel will be considering: acting skills, character, storytelling, voice, emotion; alongside pace, projection and flow where applicable.

There is no overarching theme. You can be as creative as you like.

How to apply:

Fill in the online application form, tell us why you entered and how this activity has developed your skills.

Submit your short video (maximum 3 minutes). Please include a brief description of your monologue, and confirm whether this is an original monologue that you or someone else has created for you, or if it is an existing text. In each case, provide details of the writer, title of work, details of excerpt (Act, Scene etc).

General Do's and Don'ts

1) Don’t pick a piece that’s too far away from your own age. When performing, don’t think about how we would like you to do it, do your version! That’s what will make you stand out.

2) Do learn it properly. The writer has written those words, punctuation and any stage directions for a reason.

3) Don’t just learn the words – it’s got to sound like it’s the first time anyone has said these words, not like you’re reciting something you’ve learnt. Know it so well that it feels embodied in you, so that you can think about the feelings behind it, rather than the words/actions that come next.

4) Don’t stare into an imaginary spot behind your audience’s head. Engage your audience (without staring them down!) and be sure to tell a story. Monologues are always written directed at a person. See your audience as the camera.

5) Choose something you love. That way you’re much more likely to be able to bring it to life. It could be a piece taken from a play or a performance of a poem or piece of prose.


For more great advice on approaching and performing a monologue, watch our two special webinars created in summer 2020 by the brilliant actor Cassie Bradley: follow this link to find out more.

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Phoebe Anderson (11-15)

Tawana Tongoona (16-18)

Emma Gray (19-24)

WARNING: These videos contain profanity and scenes relating to suicide and loss.