Animation & Digital Media

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To enter the Animation & Digital Media category you must submit a piece of work produced in either Digital 3D, Flash, Stop Frame, Game Cut Scene, exe. (executable files), 2D drawn and digital, or a playable game.

All entries must be 60 seconds or less.

Submissions must feature some form of in-frame movement e.g. animation, 2D/3D moving image or gif, or a recording of your work edited,  exported and uploaded to You Tube. 

Other file formats will not be accepted. If you are displaying your work on a website, you must submit the web link.

Game designs can be submitted as edited examples of gameplay, uploaded to You Tube with a hyperlink to the edited work.   

We want original, creative ideas which meet the technical specifications outlined.

By all means, submit your course work if this is something you’re particularly proud of, and you feel would present a strong entry.

Please demonstrate positive or thought-provoking themes and images in your submission.

What we don’t want

Content which is inappropriate or offensive for an audience.

We cannot accept executable files directly, as uploads. We cannot accept project files from software applications.

Good luck with your submission!

To enter the Young Creative Awards go to the YCA entry portal.