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To enter the Dance category, your dance activity, choreography or leadership work can be focused on any theme or idea.
Applicants must identify themselves as one or more of the following:

Solo Dancer
Your application should demonstrate you dancing in your own or other choreographer’s work.
You should submit work which you have created on yourself and/or on other dancers.
Dance Leader
Your application should evidence your work with other dancers/dance professionals and/or your leadership work in dance.
A group of dancers/choreographers
One person should apply on behalf of a group entry. A group leader can apply for the group but must identify the young people’s involvement and where possible involve them in the application process. Group applications should identify themselves in the age category which reflects most of the group members’ ages. Group applications should demonstrate group performances or choreography where each group member has contributed to the overall content.
In addition to sending in video footage to evidence your dancing and choreography, we also welcome applications from those who have created dance work specifically for the camera. We have created a dance for camera guide  for those wishing to explore this option for their work.

How to apply:

1. Complete the online application form and explain the following:
• Why you have entered the awards• What your/your group’s role is within the dance activity
• How the dance activity has developed your skills (dance and other skills)

2. Submit the work/piece via a video link that you would like to be judged on and label this clearly. This should be your main piece of work that you would like the judges to focus on. Your video footage should be clear and show the themes of your work as clearly as possible.

3. Submit supporting evidence about your work, which should be one or more of the following:
• Video links of rehearsal or performance footage with any passwords needed• Videos of yourself talking, describing your dance work
• Links to websites featuring your work
• Photographs

The more evidence you send, the more the judging panel will know about you.

Please ensure you put web links and passwords in the ‘Other Information’ box of the application form.

Contact FABRIC for support with your application by emailing or calling 0115 924 2016.

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Lily Reyes & Maia Dajas-Portillo, supported by Samuel Onwuteaka (11 - 15)

Flora Hawker-French & Samuel Onwuteaka (16 - 18)

Hannah Alvey (19 - 24)