Bruk-Up Dance with Jamal Sterrett at FABRIC

Saturday 4 February, 2pm – 5pm. Learn the fundamentals of bruk-up, including isolation techniques, popping, gliding and footwork. Suitable for 11-17 year-olds

During this dance workshop, we’ll explore:

  • Body control and isolation techniques.
  • Body visualization and mapping points.
  • Gliding and footwork techniques
  • Bruk up animation techniques 
  • Bruk up fundamentals 
  • Waving
  • Pivoting
  • Shoulder popping

About Jamal Sterrett
Jamal Sterrett is a performance artist with Asperger’s, using improvised movement to access and respond to sensations felt within site specific environments. Aspergers heightens his sensitivity to sensory and mental stimuli. Using it as a guide for movement, alongside the dance styles of Bruk up, Flex’n and Ballet; all in which he is self taught in. The meditational and vibratory nature of Bruk up dance. Turns his body into an open channel. Responding to the felt, sensory and aesthetic state of an environment. While revealing the outer and inner paradigm of its space. By allowing it to alter his personal paradigm, space’s transmute his body into a channel for visceral response.

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This workshop is free, booking is required

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The Young Creative Workshop series is supported by public funding by Arts Council England, and is sponsored by Nottingham Art Club by Nottingham BID.

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Bruk-Up Dance with Jamal Sterrett


Saturday 4 February, 2pm – 5pm

11-17 year-olds