Notts Creatives Launch Connect Project at The Carousel

Join the Notts Creatives collective as they launch their free game that helps people Connect, and will soon be made available to local food banks.

Challenge yourself to communicate in a new way! Connect with friends and family with our new game!

Notts Creatives is a collective of young artists from Nottingham who develop social action projects with the aim of having a positive impact on people's lives using art as a tool for good.

Notts Creatives was started in 2020 and is funded by the Young Creative Awards; its members are all winners and finalists of the competition.

Their most recent project, Connect, is a card game which enhances communication between players, encouraging conversation in a fun and creative way. The game pushes you to answer questions in different ways, whether that be drawing, writing or speech. 

Over the last year and a half, Notts Creatives have been developing the game, starting with research into those who could benefit most from their resources. Contact with local food banks helped to get feedback on who they previously supported and who may benefit from their new project. They found a gap of support for tenagers and parents and so the game, Connect, was born.

Going forward, there was a lot of time spent developing the look and playability of the card game, combining all of their creative practices to design Connect as it is today - including custom designed dice too!

One of the Notts Creatives members, Ava Hemsley, says “I've learned many new skills as part of Notts Creatives and I'm so inspired by the people I have met whilst developing Connect”.


Notts Creatives' launch event takes place on Saturday 18 March, 1pm - 7pm, at The Carousel.

You can book a free ticket to our workshop by visiting The Carousel website here -


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