YCA Finalist Named One of Britain's Best Young Artists

Huge congratulations to Aimee East - a YCA finalist in 2020 and 2021 - who made it to the final of the BBC's Best Young Artist competition.

We love to see YCA alumni thriving in their creative fields. Therefore we were delighted to hear that 2020 and 2021 finalist Aimee East had made it all the way to the final of the BBC’s Britain's Best Young Artist.

Covering all styles of art, including collage, cartoon, portrait, landscape, fan art, modern art, and street art, the show set off in search of Britain’s best young artist, calling young people from every side of the country.

Introducing new contestants every round, Aimee made her first appearance in episode three of the series - Collage. Competing against Seren from North Wales and Leah from Kent, the artists were challenged with creating an art piece based on the coastline of Anglesey. It was Nottingham born Aimee who made it through to the semi-final, and then to the show's final. To watch the show, go to the BBC website.

This isn’t the first time fifteen year old Aimee has impressed with her artistic ability, becoming a Young Creative Awards highly commended finalist in both 2020 and 2021.

First entering in 2020, Aimee wowed the judges with a mosaic piece inspired by the Tropical House at Woodthorpe Park. Using tile to create a collage of tropical fish, the judges liked how Aimee engaged with her local community and everyday surroundings, noting that Aimee’s work felt fresh and alive.

The young artist returned in 2021, this time entering with an oil pastel portrait of her brother. Choosing to use more abstract colours, Aimee used yellow and gold to represent his personality. The piece also used the sgraffito technique in the background, incorporating images from Nottingham including The Market Square, Wollaton Park, and Nottingham Castle. Using the Italian technique, Aimee used sgraffito to illustrate how places become etched in memory.

Well received by judges, the panel appreciated how Aimee inserted Nottingham into the image. Describing it as “a really beautiful way to capture shared memories”, adding that it captured “emotion, human connection and a lovely atmosphere with the brushstrokes used.”

Soon to be turning sixteen, Aimee has already achieved so much in the artistic world, and here at The Young Creative Awards, we couldn’t be more pleased. Well done Aimee!